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Welcome to VERSION 2.0 (v2.0) of the Notable Trees Walk! 

V2.0? Well, what about the original?

Background: In the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, Colonel Wadsworth planted thousands of trees and shrubs to transform pastures and orchards into a naturalistic woodland setting around the mansion. Dense nursery plantations were established and mature specimen trees were planted. John Charles Olmsted, of Olmsted and Sons Landscape Architects of Boston, played a major role in the design of the Estate. Over twenty species of trees were planted around the Mansion and are highlighted in the original Notable Trees at Long Hill Estate map and pamphlet.

Fast forward: As part of the  Conservation Exhibit portion of the 2022 Flower Show - The Enduring Inspiration of Trees, the Middletown Garden Club (the club) revamped the tree list identified along the trail - with a focus on specimens native to the Connecticut region - and donated new tree tags to the arboretum. The tags include a QR code linking  to online content designed and maintained by the club. The virtual content includes narrated descriptions highlighting the ecological value of the trees and other characteristics and cultural preferences. Photos will be added.

On your walk, savor the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

Slow your pace. 


Be well.


 ~ Conservation Committee, Middletown Garden Club 2022 Flower Show - The Enduring Inspiration of Trees (Sally Cornish, Kathy Meyering, Hetti Motoc, Christina Wasch)

Thank You: Jane Harris; Gregory Harris; Dr. Kim Diver and Weslyan University Earth and Environmental Sciences GIS students (spring 2020 ); Maria Madsen-Holzberg; Mary Xenelis; Rob Rickenbeck; Megan Bush; Jessica Hess, Jim Landry.

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